CDs For a Springtime Road Trip

Not to offend any of my more independently-minded friends, but I want to hug the new Bruce Springsteen until I crack the case. And that got me to thinking about albums that make me jump up and down like a two-year-old hopped up on fruit roll-ups. This is sort of an extension about my post about necessary songs: If you were trapped in a car driving from Washington, DC to Seattle, WA, what would be in your CD case?

I’m going to leave the slow stuff off of my list (since crashing into a road barrier is a bummer on a car trip) and I’m trying to be upbeat since the warmer weather seems to be threatening to stay. And it’s all got to be music that I sing along with, loudly and only semi-in tune. I’m going through my collection, so some of these are older and maybe a little weird. Consider the source. Click through for my list and to post your own.

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