Beehive Field Recordings: Vinegrass Festival

This past September we were invited to film session videos during the Vinegrass Music Festival at the beautiful Truro Vineyards south of Provincetown, Massachusetts. We captured these in the big room filled floor-to-ceiling with oak barrels full of wine and spirits, hence the name “Barrel Room Sessions.”

We are proud to premiere these videos here on FOLK ALLEY!

BARNSTAR! – “Witness”

Barnstar! began as the brainchild of Zachariah Hickman (bassist for Josh Ritter, musical director for Ray Lamontagne) for a local bluegrass supergroup featuring some of Boston’s best musicians and songwriters. Using the familiar tools of the genre—guitar (Mark Erelli), fiddle (Jake Armerding), mandolin (Taylor Armerding) and banjo (Charlie Rose)—Barnstar! forges its own brand of song-based bluegrass, gloriously harmonized and raucously played. Barnstar! makes bluegrass for people who hate bluegrass. This ain’t your daddy’s bluegrass. Except in the case of Jake Armerding…his dad is in the band.


Facebook: /Barnstar

Twitter: @cmonbarnstar

Instagram: @cmonbarnstar

iTunes: Barnstar!

DAMN TALL BUILDINGS – “Words to the Song”

Damn Tall Buildings refer to themselves as an all-acoustic guerrilla roots band. While their instrumentation is that of bluegrass, they are not bound to it. With lyrical storytelling and foot-stomping grooves, their songs about love and ramblin’ help to forget the everyday troubles and slip away into their up-tempo hobo-anthems. Featuring Avery Ballotta (fiddle), Max Capistran (guitar), Sasha Dubyk (bass) and Jordan Alleman (banjo). Though the band has Boston roots, they currently reside in Brooklyn.


Facebook: /DamnTallBuildings

Instagram: @gramtallbuildings

Twitter: @DamnTallTweets

iTunes: Damn Tall Buildings


Comprised of Holly McGarry (guitar), Benjamin Burns (banjo), and Chris Bloniarz (mandolin), Honeysuckle is a Boston-based progressive folk band that blends older influences and traditional instrumentation with modern effects and inspiration. Nominated for “Best Folk Artist of the Year,” and “Best Americana Artist of the Year” three years in a row at the annual Boston Music Awards!


Facebook: honeysuckleband

Instagram: @honeysuckleband

Twitter: @honeysuckleband

iTunes: Honeysuckle

THEM COULEE BOYS – “My Anxiety and Me”

Allegedly founded at a bible camp, and born in the back valleys of Western Wisconsin, Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll. Guitar (Soren Staff), banjo (Beau Janke), mandolin (Jens Staff), bass (Neil Krause), and a lone kick drum (Patrick Phalen) provide the pulse that drives underneath the conversational yet thoughtful lyrics.


Facebook: ThemCouleeBoys

Twitter: @ThemCouleeBoys

Instagram @ThemCouleeBoys

iTunes: Them Coulee Boys

Vinegrass Music Festival (held every September) is the principal fundraising event for the not-for-profit Vinegrass Organization whose mission is to provide scholarships to students studying music at an accredited 4 year university, with preference given to study within the American Roots genre. In addition to the scholarships, they subsidize camps and workshops, as well as provide instruments to younger students in need throughout Cape Cod. They are an amazing organization, check them out at VINEGRASS.org.

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