Beehive Field Recordings: Porch Stomp Festival

This series was captured live during the 2019 Porch Stomp Festival, held every June in historic Nolan Park on Governors Island in New York City. This day-long festival is free to the public.

The Wild Goats – “Cumberland Gap”
Hilary Hawke – Vocals, Banjo
Brian Geltner – Drums/percussion
Sam Kulik – Tuba
Jess Lenat – Guitar, vocals
with choreography and flatfooting by Sara Rowbottom and Kathy Grabarczyk
and back-up dancing and percussion by Christian Apuzzo, Kate Jaworski and Brigid Martin

Facebook: TheWildGoatsMusic

Instagram: @TheWildGoats


The New Students – “Jackson’s Holler”
Briana Carlson-Goodman – Vocals
Justin Flagg – Guitar
Matt Gelfer – Fiddle
Sam Gelfer – Bass


Facebook: TheNew Students

Instagram: @TheNewStudents

Moreno, Shoji & Webb – “C-Suite Medley” (Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase / Cash on the Barrelhead / Ashland Breakdown)
Cesar Moreno – Mandolin, vocals
Yates Webb – Guitar, vocals
Kensuke Shoji – Fiddle

Cesar Moreno and Yates Webb are two thirds of The Fox Chasers

Facebook: FoxChasersMusic

Larry Legend – “When The Zombies Come”

Facebook: LarryLegendMusic

Instagram: @LarryLegend

Jasper Lewis – “Cabin In The Woods”

Instagram: @Jasper.Lewis

Porch Stomp is a non-profit organization sponsored by Make Music New York and committed to the advancement of the New York City American folk music and dance. They support the community by sponsoring key public events such as Porch Stomp Festival, Flatfoot Flatbush in Brooklyn, and featured gatherings throughout the year. They work to promote the growing NYC folk scene by highlighting both traditional and contemporary folk music throughout the year.

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