Beehive Field Recordings: Lisa Bastoni

Singer-songwriter Lisa Bastoni is a 2019 Kerrville New Folk Winner and Boston Music Award nominee (Folk Artist of the Year). Her latest album, ‘How We Want to Live’ (released September 2019), chronicles life changes, including songs about the dissolution of her marriage and learning to live a new normal — but more than anything, it finds the songwriter diving deeper into the life she craves.

‘How We Want to Live’ was produced by songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Staples, and features guest performances by Mark Erelli, Rose Cousins, Lula Wiles and Naomi Sommers.

This session was captured live at Lisa’s beautiful little house in Northampton, MA just before the release of ‘How We Want to Live.” It was a gorgeous day so we decided to film two of the three tunes on the front porch. I love that you can hear the birds in these videos. Also featured here is Sean Staples on vocals, mandolin and guitar. Song notes below are courtesy of Lisa 🙂

Lisa Bastoni – “Nearby”

“I wrote this song with my friend, producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Staples (who also appears in the video). “Nearby” is a song about the effortless love you feel for someone who has been there all along, and perhaps have taken a bit for granted. Suddenly, you realize your mistake and hope you are not too late to tell them how you feel! (P.S. It’s never too late.)”

Lisa Bastoni – “Never Gone to You”

“This is an intensely personal song about my relationship with my father, though it’s something that I am sure others can relate to. If you’re alive, you have felt pain, and you probably know that some pain never goes away completely. Sometimes the best we can do is walk through it, move forward anyway, see what the pain has to teach us, and make positive choices about what we do with it.”

Lisa Bastoni – “Pockets Full of Sighs”

“When my grandmother died a few years ago, she left me her 1971 Martin guitar and a canvas bag full of song notebooks. Some of the songs were her own, in various stages of completion. ‘Pockets full of sighs’ was a line in one of her songs that I used as a starting point for this one. It’s about creativity, longing, and finding small moments of connection and enlivenment where you can – all things that can buoy up your heart in hard times.”


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