Basic Folk Podcast: Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird is a joyful musician who is an incredibly emotionally exciting live performer and songwriter. Originally from Ireland, Wallis suffered a major hand injury as a child that left her fingers permanently marred on one hand. She was able to work around that and become a stellar guitarist. One of seven children, she grew up around her parents’ pub and witnessed a number of interesting characters in an experience that helped inform who she is.

On Basic Folk, we talk about her upbringing, her views on faith and spirituality, and her immediate attraction to the guitar (starting with her first guitar at 6 months.) We also get into her career talking about the publishing offers she started getting at 12 years old. Wallis was signed to a couple of major labels, but saw the writing on the wall as the label was hoping she would be another type of Amy Winehouse. Wallis is very business savvy and was lucky and smart enough to have navigated that situation quite well.

Wallis currently resides in Berlin and talks about her affinity for the city and its tragic past. We also get into her feelings about her sexuality, gender, and everything in between.

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