Basic Folk Podcast: Melissa Ferrick

Basic Folk, live at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA with Melissa Ferrick! The indie folk songwriter genius lesbian icon joined us for our very first live recording of the podcast. We get honest conversation and live music from Melissa, who recently moved to Cambridge, graduated grad school at Harvard University, and got a new teaching job at Northeastern University. She played songs from her latest self-titled album, as well as a new song, while talking about details of the song lyrics and her life.

Melissa, who claimed that she was normally asleep by the time she hit the stage (around 9pm) was charming, funny, and man those songs…. they sounded amazing. The conversation ranged from talking about the Michigan Womyn’s festival, to empathy for the driver that cuts you off, to the 1650’s house she grew up in. We had a great time despite being up so late.

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