Basic Folk Podcast: Jenny Owen Youngs

Basic Folk Podcast with Cindy Howes Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs is an indie pop songwriter, queer icon, and podcast host. I am thrilled to have her on Basic Folk! Her new EP Night Shift is out now, and we talk about that and her whole life in our conversation. From her young life in rural New Jersey, to space camp (where she wished for more space and less camp,) to coming out in a very public way in 2012. Jenny is a sweet, funny and caring person and we really get into what makes her tick in this episode.

Jenny’s been on my radar since 2005 with her debut Batten The Hatches and she’s released two full length albums since then plus a handful of EPs. In recent years, Jenny’s created an amazing community together with Kristin Russo with their podcast “Buffering The Vampire Slayer,” that goes through commentary about each episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and includes and original song by Jenny at the end of each podcast. Her other podcast “Veronica Mars Investigations” is hosted by herself and Helen Zaltzman.

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