Basic Folk Podcast: David Huckfelt

David Huckfelt, founding member of the Minneapolis folk band, The Pines, emanates poetry in everything he does. From his solo work to his outlook on life, Huckfelt is living artwork. It was a real pleasure to speak with him about his Iowa upbringing, his connection to indigenous people, and his two-week solitary writing retreat on the most remote and least visited national park in mighty Lake Superior. I attempt to get David to admit that he, like most people his age, were into Ninja Turtles and The Lion King as a young kid, but he kept coming back with examples like really being into Waylon Jennings on The Sesame Street movie, Follow That Bird and Muddy Waters on Mr. Rogers. The guy is just cool. Anyways, we get into a pretty deep and serious conversation about souls, rights of women, and spirituality. David is a theology school drop-out and he talks about what caused him to walk away from that life path.

David’s music sounds like the earth. It has this warm darkness to it and on his solo album Stranger Angels, he uses really interesting field recordings on different songs that gives it an extra sometimes eery layer.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy getting to know this very interesting and deeply soulful person.

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