Basic Folk Podcast: Bridget Kearney

Bridget Kearney, bassist for Lake Street Dive, has been deeply immersed in studying music since childhood. From the “super nerds” she met at jazz camp, to the nights in her parents’ basement transposing songs, and then to the New England Conservatory of Music, Kearney has dedicated herself to the betterment of her craft.

Originally from Iowa, Kearney joined up with Lake Street Dive in Boston at the Conservatory as their upright bassist, songwriter, and harmony vocalist. In our conversation, we talk about how her experience playing in orchestras prepared her for collaborative life in a band like Lake Street Dive. Bridget also talks about her solo career and how she is beginning to explore the full potential of her voice, and what it’s like to be a utility player and singer in the band. It’s a role she’s taken on for most of her musical career and to hear her explain this is very insightful.

Bridget is one of the coolest people I’ve ever spoken to and she doesn’t even know it. (That’s what makes her cool.)

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