Basic Folk Podcast: Laura Cortese

Laura Cortese is on her way to legendary status in the fiddle community. Born in San Francisco, she has worked for years honing her sound: bringing together traditions learned at fiddle camp, a love of songwriting and experimental lush indie soundscapes. She has performed under Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards for the past two albums and with her new release Biter Better, the imagined LC + The DCs sound has been achieved.

In our conversation, Laura takes us back to growing up with divorced parents, discovering a love of creating music through community, melding all her musical interests, her iconic self-drive that has achieved so much and FASHION. Obviously. Also life after trauma and living in Belgium with her musician partner while expecting their first baby.

It’s so easy to talk to Laura and this interview when on for almost two hours. It took me like a week to cut it down, so this is all killer no filler. Thanks to Laura for her wisdom, insight and friendship. Enjoy!

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