Basic Folk Podcast: Jamie Fox

A special episode of Basic Folk features First Nation person Jamie Fox, who is one of the only people in America playing a style of fiddle called “Métis” of the Aaniih and Nakoda tribes in Montana. Métis means “mix race” and essentially it means that Jamie has native and European heritage. She grew up on a reservation in Montana being able to celebrate both sides of her heritage. Jamie explains how the Métis developed their own culture and how that fit into music specifically the fiddle. She and her brother learned at the feet of a local legend, Fatty Morin, who would make them practice tapes that explained the importance of the music.

This is truly a special episode of the podcast because of Jamie’s mission to preserve her style of playing and also the insights she offers in her background. Previously, she has traveled around to camps and festivals teaching the music of the Métis. Jamie doesn’t have recorded music out there, so she’s not here promoting anything. This is really an opportunity to learn something new about her culture. I’m so honored that she is on Basic Folk today!

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