Basic Folk podcast, eps. 264 – Guster

Hosted by lizzie no

Ryan Miller joins us to talk about all things Guster, from their tried and true collaborative writing process to the theatrical delights of their recent “We Also Have Eras” tour, to what it really looks like to make environmental sustainability a priority on tour.

Guster has just released their 9th studio album, Ooh La La. As we discussed the new record, Ryan talked about how these new songs touch on questions that the band has been asking throughout their 30+ year career. For example, “Maybe We’re Alright” calls back to the collectivist spirit that we loved in 2003’s Keep It Together. “Gaugin, Cezanne (Everlasting Love)” talks about God in a way that brought up new questions for me about 2010’s album, Easy, Wonderful, and so on.

This is what makes being a Guster fan so rewarding. The longer you listen to these guys and the deeper you dig, the more you feel empowered to ask questions about the world around you and approach the answers with playfulness. Guster is a band, but it is also a place where we all meet to dance away the big questions with whimsy to the beat of tasteful hand drums.


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