Basic Folk podcast, eps. 250 – Lizzie No

Lizzie No has just released their career-defining new record Halfsies and we are 100% here for it on our 250th episode!! Lizzie, who co-hosts Basic Folk, put her entire being, identity and creativity into this project. There’s a lot going on with their main character, the avatar Miss Freedomland, and we’re getting to the bottom of it in our conversation.

Our hero’s journey begins even before the main character is born. Her inception grew out of disdain for childhood beauty pageants, which Lizzie’s mother actually won back in the early 60’s at a now defunct amusement park called Freedomland. And there are photos of Little Catherine Quinlan with a look of disgust on her five year old face.

Lizzie grew up with this story and as she got older, she began to think hard about societal expectations and the stock put into women and children’s emotional expression through their faces. Lizzie also grew up hearing and saying the word “No,” hence the stage name.


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