Basic Folk Podcast: Chris Pierce

Chris Pierce was raised by a white mother and a black father, who impressed the importance of music in terms of finding peace and love within. While Chris was growing up, interracial marriage had only just become legal countrywide in 1967 and his family was not always accepted. At 5 years old, a burning cross was placed on his front yard and the way his parents calmly reacted to this horrible act left a profound impact on young Chris. He references that moment on his song “Sound All The Bells,” from his new record American Silence, and said “it forced an emotional intelligence in me as a young kid.” Chris openly discusses his incredible life story in our conversation, which also includes him speaking to his rare hearing disorder: otosclerosis. He explains what hearing and playing music is like for someone with only 30% hearing in one ear. We also talk about his experience touring with mentors like B.B. King and Seal, his relationship with his wife, actor Tara Buck and his dog Seña.

Of the songs on American Silence, Chris has said “It’s important to not give up on reaching out to those who have stayed silent for too long about the issues that affect those around us all. Complacency is an addiction that plagues our society. If you smile and applaud for those different than you, be willing to fight for those folks too” and “what are you actually doing for people who don’t look like you?”

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