Basic Folk: KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall is an open-hearted Scottish dreamboat. The singer/songwriter and I were both at Brandi Carlile’s “Girls Just Wanna Weekend” in Mexico where we made a plan (via Twitter and then through official channels) to record an interview. KT is my absolute favorite person to interview. She is a master at the art of conversation and makes a person feel heard, understood, and smart.

We get right into it: talking about her relationship with her father, death, sexuality, of course, her roots in folk music. KT’s music is not one that can be classified to one genre, but she definitely comes from a folk background. Her latest album Wax is the second in a trilogy of records that will focus on the soul, body and mind as she has entered this very interesting stage in her life. KT’s been very intentional about getting to know herself in the past few years and she shares some of that journey as well.

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