Basic Folk: Emily Saliers

Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls graciously joins me on Basic Folk this week. An iconic figure in modern folk rock, Emily gets into the history of her guitar playing, expanding her horizons on her first solo album (Murmuration Nation), her dedication to hip-hop, and reflections on Indigo Girls, which was released 30 years ago on February 28, 1989.

Emily was kind, thoughtful and generous with her time and answers. Also for context: we were conducting the interview in her hotel room at Brandi Carlile’s “Girls Just Wanna Weekend.” I love that she was not wearing shoes during the interview. Emily is clearly a huge music fan and her passion for discovering and digging into music has remained strong throughout her career.

This was an extremely enjoyable interview! I hope you like it and share it with anyone else who might be interested. Thanks!

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