Back From Across the Pond

This is my first day back to work after my fabulous family vacation to London (via the Queen Mary 2) and Paris. It was very refreshing to be away, although I’m happy to be home. I really missed Folk Alley! Our hotels didn’t have free Internet and surfing on board the ship was really pricey, so I went cold turkey. I did meet some lovely folk music fans (I wore my Folk Alley T’s while in London) and handed out some pins, so hopefully a few more visitors will find their way here – especially the very kind banjo collector I met at the Tate Gallery. There wasn’t time for us to take in any of the summer music fests, but I did enjoy lovely acoustic music in the London Tube stations and Covent Garden (a strolling accordionist tried to hit me up for some Euros on the way back from Versailles, but the exchange rate stinks and I was too hot to move). And, I spotted CDs by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Garland Jeffreys on prominent display at the Virgin Megastore under the Louvre. So, good to talk to you again, anything exciting happen while I was gone?

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