Aoife O’Donovan

Poor Aoife O’Donovan . It took putting together a solo album for people to start pronouncing her name correctly (for the record, it’s EEE-fah). The Crooked Still frontwoman, Sometymes Why collaborator, Goat Rodeo Sessions Grammy winner, and in-demand vocalist is out on her own in support of her first solo effort, ‘Fossils.’ Together with her band Ryan Scott (electric guitar), Jacob Silver (bass), and Robin MacMillan (drums), Aoife visited with Folk Alley during a stop at the Humble Abode Studio in West Hurley, NY, and left behind exclusive performance videos. Check out what all the fuss is about!
A Boston-area native (and daughter of WGBH Celtic Sojourn host Brian O’Donovan), Aoife O’Donovan studied contemporary improvisation at the New England Conservatory. While there, she met up Corey DiMario and a few other like-minded souls to form the next generation Newgrass band, Crooked Still. As the band gained popularity, Aoife began honing her songwriting skills – seeing Alison Krauss record “Lay My Burden Down” for ‘Paper Airplane.’ Aoife also became a favorite roots-infused “girl singer,” adding her talents to A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, The Grand Ole Opry and the Goat Rodeo Sessions album, among others. She now lives in New York City.

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