Anyone else miss vinyl?

I miss vinyl. I’m fairly young but not so young that I’ve forgotten about the days of records. I miss the gatefold album artwork which often included a poster or some other special goodie. I miss hearing the needle drop. I miss the scratchy and often outworn audio. I miss having to turn over the record to Side B. And I miss looking at the large artwork when listening. Anyone else feel this way? Why would I want to go back to lesser quality and older technology? CDs are cool, MP3s are neat, I-Pods are hip, but nothing beats an old, dusty, scratchy vinyl record. Anyone else agree? I’ve thought about putting together an “all vinyl” stream for Folk Alley—but would that really make any sense—hearing old vinyl through the internet—new technology streaming old? I think it might be kind of cool—or have I lost my marbles once again? Let’s hear it for the old turntable!

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