Folk Alley Sessions: Anna & Elizabeth

In April, the duo Anna and Elizabeth (Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle) came to Beehive Productions studio in Saranac Lake, New York with their friend and colleague, Jarrett Gilgore (percussion). The duo arrived ready to share thoughts about and music from their new album, The Invisible Comes to Us. But maybe even more importantly, Anna and Elizabeth talked about the importance of preserving musical traditions from the past, bringing them into the present, and working hard to ensure that they’ll still be around in the future.

Their focus, they say, has always been about the stories people tell with their music: stories about lives and families, about work, and about loves and losses. The duo spent a couple of years searching for stories and for voices they’d never heard before; The Invisible Comes to Us is the work of many hours spent in archives and libraries and the pair couldn’t be more passionate about the end result.



Interview and Performance

Black Eyed Susan

Mother In The Graveyard

Farewell To Erin

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