Folk Alley Sessions at FestiTrad: André Brunet

Award winning Québec fiddle master, André Brunet was born and raised in Lacolle, in Quebec’s Montérégie region. At a young age his parents noticed his keen interest in music and encouraged him to follow his passion. André’s first love was for the violin and at the age of nine he began taking lessons. Along with his brother Réjean, he created The Brothers Brunet and went on record several albums and performed at various concerts around the world.

In 1997, he joined La Bottine Souriante with whom he toured more than 15 countries over the course of 10 years. Although his time with La Bottine came to an end in 2006, André remained immersed in traditional music, and teamed up with his former colleagues from La Bottine – Pierre-Luc Dupuis and …ric Beaudry – in the group De Temps Antan. In 2018, André will reunite with his brother Réjean to join the band, Le Vent du Nord.

By pushing the boundaries of music and by continuing to rise in the musical world, Andre’s passion for traditional Québécois music is equaled only by its irresistible desire to play the violin and to carry the soul of a deeply rooted historical and prestigious tradition.

Folk Alley caught up André at the 2017 FestiTrad festival in the City of Saint-Gabriel in Québec for these exclusive performances of material from his 2017 solo album, ‘La Grosse Maison Rouge’ captured and produced by our partners at Beehive Productions.



ffa0Plein Souffle (English Intro)

ffa0Plein Souffle (Quebecois Intro)

La Fille Morte (English Intro)

La Fille Morte (Quebecois Intro)

La Grosse Maison Rouge (English Intro)

La Grosse Maison Rouge (Quebecois Intro)

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