Folk Alley Sessions: Ana Egge

(Originally published June 2018)

The rain was coming down hard one day in April in Upper Jay, New York. And that’s the day Ana Egge, along with Alec Spiegelman (keyboards, bass clarinet) and Dave Cole (drums) showed up at the pop-up studio our friends at Beehive Productions Studio set up at The Recovery Lounge.

Egge, whose husky voice floats between a true-blue alto and the lowest possible soprano, was there to share some thoughts about her new album, White Tiger. She also shared some songs from it: the title track, a song she says she loves to sing; “Girls, Girls, Girls,” which is all about being young and single and free to live your life as you see fit, and the apocalyptic love song she wrote with her partner of 15 years in mind, “Be With You.”



Interview and Performance

Girls, Girls, Girls

White Tiger

Be With You

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