Album Review: Lenore., ‘Lenore.’

by Elena See, Folk Alley


What’s the sound of a second chance?


The brainchild of Rebecca Marie Miller and Joy Pearson
, Lenore. is a band that believes in second chances. Miller and Pearson were on the cusp of giving up their respective musical dreams when they met by chance at a Pokey LaFarge show in Portland, Oregon. It only took a few short hours for the pair to realize it was musical kismet that brought them together. Eventually, they joined forces with Edward Cameron (guitar) and Jessie Dettwiler (cello), and a new, harmony-driven, “witch-folk” quartet was born.

The opening track on Lenore.’s self-titled debut album, “Ether’s Arms,” sets the tone for the whole thing. Running away, finding solace somewhere else (sometimes with someONE else), and trying to fight your own demons so you can start living your life (“Heavy Eyes”) – these are things that Lenore. clearly understands.

In addition, the duo shares a plea for help and guidance in “Heart So Heavy,” and shows a quiet strength and determination in “The Sun,” underscored with a beautiful acoustic guitar line.

The technical precision of that guitar, the lush cello that Dettwiler provides, and the melancholy, message-heavy songwriting provide the basis for the band’s real strength: Miller and Pearson’s unusual and evocative harmonies, created by two voices that are a delicious blend of difference that somehow fits together.


‘Lenore.’ is available now at iTunes and Lenore.’s website.

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