Adrienne Young

Adrienne Young first captured the attention of Folk Alley host Jim Blum when she included a pack of seeds with her first album, Plow to the End of the Row. The seeds were more than a clever gimmick; they were a reflection on Young’s heritage as a 7th generation Floridian descended from farmers. Along with her love of traditional music, Young also expresses a desire to reconnect with values that might be considered old-fashioned. Her most recent album with her band, Little Sadie, is The Art of Virtue, a collection of songs inspired in part by Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues, as well as stories from an America that rewarded hard work and honesty. Her conversation with Jim in the Folk Alley studios focuses as much on her efforts to be an authentic person and successful entrepreneur as it does her songs ” which are well crafted and beautifully performed. In 2003, she won the Bluegrass prize in the Chris Austin songwriting competition at MerleFest and has been in demand as a touring artist. Along with performing and songwriting duties, Young also heads up her own record label ” AddieBelle Music.



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All For Good

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