Abbe’s wild night of fun

After a full day in the exhibit hall (where at least I got to see Fruit perform), I barely made it through dinner with Jim Pipkin, Bob and Debbie Zucker, Caji Da Bahia and Kyle Harris from AMAZ Records and a showcase with The Mammals. Abbe and Jim, however were like the Energizer Bunny and kept going and going. After I went up to the room (at least I shared an elevator with Emmylou Harris – but I didn’t speak to her), Abbe and Jim continued on into the wee hours attending showcases. Here’s a list from Abbe:

“Wow! What an amazing night. So much awesome music that I am reeling.

The night began with a rousing performance by The Mammals, then on to Lori McKenna (Love this- I have found my new best friend), The Duhks were hip,hot and fresh, and a late night performance by Tracey Grammer & Jim Henry was riveting. Other acts we saw included Uncle Earl, Clare Burson, Crooked Still and many talented musicians performing in the strangest places. I left Jim at 1 AM at the Roots Review, I needed some rest. Go Jim, go!”

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