A Few Final Thoughts on Folk Alliance

Yesterday morning we packed up our boxes and left Southern California for Northeast Ohio (after a night of showcases that included David Francey, KITKA, Billy Joe Shaver, and Jeremy Kittel). It was a mind-blowing experience with an unbelievable mass of folk music professionals joining together in fellowship to do the good work. We spoke the truth of Folk Alley to anyone who would listen and many did. By the end of the conference, there were musicians from around the world carrying instrument cases proudly emblazoned with FA stickers; t-shirts, postcards, and FAN buttons spread to the four corners; and much interest and love expressed about the notion of 24-hour streaming of folk music on the internet.

I’ve added more pictures of my life in the exhibit hall and the private showcases that filled many hotel rooms (with only one resulting in a serious fire) in the photo gallery. Remember, I am not a professional photographer. Now, I need a nap.

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