25,000 – Whoo Hoo!

Thanks to all of you who have discovered Folk Alley in the past 14 months – who have E-mailed your friends – who have worn T-shirts and distributed stickers! Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach 25,000 registered users (there are more listeners who shyly listen via a media player – but we’re working on them). When I return to my desk after our traditional Thanksgiving Day holiday, I want to tell the world about Folk Alley’s latest milestone. If anyone knows a folk-friendly press type, please let me know. I love mailing press releases! Also, keep in mind any ideas you have for site improvements. We’re still working without a full-time web designer (the job is listed on the kent.edu web site if you’re interested), so I can’t promise anything right away, but we’ve had some great suggestions lately and this site is for you, so it might as well be what you want. To our U.S. listeners, Happy Thanksgiving!

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