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What is Folk Alley? is a nonprofit, listener-supported internet radio service featuring folk, roots, Americana, Celtic, contemporary singer/songwriter, world, and acoustic music - produced by the FreshGrass Foundation. It was originally launched in September 2003 by WKSU in Kent, Ohio. Along with the hosted music stream and real-time playlist, the website also offers: side streams such as Fresh Cuts (our new music stream), the Irish Music stream, a FreshGrass stream, and various topical and holiday streams; exclusive in-studio video sessions (Folk Alley Sessions); song, video and album premieres; music news; new releases, artist interviews, and more.

What Registration Information is Required?

Registration is only necessary if you are a Folk Alley supporting member and would like access to member benefits, like the Member-only fund drive free stream and/or if you would like to receive the weekly newsletter, the AlleyChat. Required information to register includes an email address and a password. We also request that you provide your name and location (i.e., city and country).

Who Will Have Access to This Information?

Your email address and any other personal information you provide will be used exclusively by We will not sell or trade your personal information without your expressed consent.

I’m Having Trouble Registering. Please walk me through the steps.

1. To register, visit our registration page. 2. Complete the registration page, creating a username and password. Click on “Register Me” at the bottom on the registration page. That’s all there is to it! 3. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on this link or cut and paste this link into your browser, then press “enter” on your keyboard to confirm your registration.

Why Does This Site Use Cookies? employs cookies to recognize you and allow you to automatically access protected services and full usage of the web site and music stream. Registrants who have cookies disabled will need to log in each time they visit the site.

I Registered But Didn’t Receive a Confirmation E-mail

It may be that your computer has a spam blocker or other type of filter that is filtering out the confirmation e-mail that we sent to you. Please check any holding area your filter may have and add to your list of approved senders (aka “white list” us). If you are still unable to access your confirmation email, contact us at and let us know that you have not received your confirmation.

How Do I Listen to Folk Alley?

Click the "Listen" button at the top of any page on the website. Or, tune in via our mobile apps. Listen on your smart speaker. More information is - HERE.

How Can I Change My Password?

Visit this page and click on "Change Password."

How Can I Change My Email Address and Other Registration Information?

You will need to register a new email address - HERE.

How is Folk Alley Funded?

Folk Alley is nonprofit, listener-supported music service, produced by the FreshGrass Foundation, a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. Over 90% of our operating revenue comes member donations. Listeners may donate at any time, including seasonal fund drives. Click to donate! Sponsorships and underwriting opportunities are also available. Contact Linda Fahey ( for additional information.

Why Should I Support Folk Alley?

It is our ambition that this music genre be available to as many people as possible. Through voluntary listener contributions and corporate sponsorships, we strive to maintain this web site and music stream as a free service.

How Do I Make a Donation to Support Folk Alley?

You may make a donation—online via credit card, bank card, and PayPal, or by check—by visiting our support page.

I Love Folk Music! How Can I Help Promote Folk Alley?

Folk Alley has been established to protect a cherished art form and promote the future of folk music, one of the world’s fastest growing musical genres. Below are some ways in which you can help promote Folk Alley:

1. Place a link to Folk Alley ( on your website or blog. You will be spreading the word about folk music to everyone who visits your site.

2. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers that there is a place online where you can enjoy folk, roots, and Americana music 24 hours a day! Encourage them to register, listen, and browse the site. Ask them to tell their friends and add links to their web sites.

3. Put Folk Alley stickers in clubs that feature folk music. If you would like to receive a packet of stickers, please e-mail your request to with your mailing address.

4. Work with Folk Alley on sponsoring a concert in your venue.

5. Send an E-mail to and request a Folk Alley FANkit, which includes lots of Folk Alley branded goodies!

6. Folk Alley is listener supported. Make a contribution on our secure donation page. Your donation will help us maintain this site.

7. Post to weblogs or chat group. Mention Folk Alley, and encourage your fellow bloggers to check us out.

Do you have other ideas on how you can help promote Folk Alley? You may send your suggestions to

Can You List Upcoming Songs?

We are unable to list upcoming songs as part of Folk Alley’s compliance with The Digital Copyright Millennium Act (DCMA).

Do You Have an Archive of Already Played Songs?

Lists of previously played songs are available on the playlist page. Recently played songs are listed in the updating playlist. Other songs are searchable by date and time. You may update all playlists to reflect your listening timezone and make searching easier.

Where Do I Send My Music for "Airplay” Consideration?

Please send your physical music and any promotional materials to:Linda Fahey,, PO Box 261, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 USA. For digital submissions, email a Dropbox link or similar with WAV files and liner notes to

*Please note that we only review unsolicited music as time permits, and we cannot guarantee airplay.

I Mailed a CD to You. Did You Receive It?

Folk Alley’s small staff receives hundreds of CDs each month. We regret that we are not able to offer notification on arrival or personal comments on submitted CDs. Review CDs will not be returned without sufficient postage.

How Do I Request a Song, Artist, Etc.?

We are proud of our playlist, but also realize that, especially with the breadth of folk, roots, and Americana music, we could be missing out on some very good artists. Please e-mail requests and suggestions to We appreciate your input!

Why Don’t You Play [Artist Name]?

It may be that the artist’s music doesn’t fit our format. With the amount of quality material and number of excellent artists in the world of folk, roots, and Americana music, it may be that a particular group or individual singer and/or songwriter hasn't landed on our radar. Or the artist may already be in rotation. Suggestions are always appreciated. Please e-mail requests to

Where Can I Buy the CDs of Artists that I’ve Heard?

Click though song titles in the Folk Alley playlist and you will find a page with additional information on artists and links to buy the CD, if available, directly from Folk Alley receives a portion of proceeds from most purchases made through these links. If you are interested in establishing an affiliate relationship with Folk Alley, contact Linda Fahey at